In my client's own words:


When I gave the listing of our house to Jennifer, I did it so purely out of a sense of obligation; I have known her since she was a sophomore in High School and since then our families have enjoyed a close 36-year friendship.  I had no personal experience nor did I have any firsthand knowledge of her expertise or qualifications in the real estate arena.  I really did not grasp how many details are involved in keeping everyone focused on the goal and preventing a transaction from unraveling.  I was clueless about the science of keeping the peace between brokers and principles.  I simply didn’t know what to expect as this is the only house I ever owned and this was my first experience as the seller of a house. 


I don’t have words to describe how impressive, sensible, tactfully intelligent, and methodical Jenifer is at her chosen profession.  I cannot imagine that an individual could have done a more qualified job than she did at every emotionally charged step and juncture that challenged our transaction and she kept it together without ever losing her cool or focus.  She expertly executed every aspect of our transaction and I credit her entirely with obtaining for us the maximum price that could be fetched for our house.  As I re-read what I have written it strikes me that the reader may think my words are exaggerated or overstated and I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences with anyone who wishes to speak to me in person. 


Jennifer exceeded my every expectation and she has risen in esteem in my mind in ways that I almost cannot describe. Her method and manner almost effortlessly combine a very delicate and sensitive manner with the requisite forthright guidance and direction to lead a homeowner to accept the realities of what the market will pay for a person’s property.  This is not the place nor is it the venue to detail the myriad challenges she faced in marketing our particular house but it is the place to acknowledge the skill and intelligence she employed to overcome the obstacles that could easily have derailed our transaction.  She maneuvers the transaction so it does not lose its momentum, so the parties stay on track and the transaction is brought to a close that gives the seller the maximum price for his property.  


Without hesitation or reservation I unequivocally recommend Jenifer to any serious seller and I am eternally indebted to her for selling our house and for the accurate decisions she made along the way.   Jenifer is a barracuda in protecting and promoting the individuals she represents in a real estate transaction and she does it in a most honest and ethical manner.  She will not compromise on a moral value in her goal to represent her clients but not only does that not hinder her, it actually help her in her quest to do the best by her clients.   Jenifer is outstanding at what she does and the world would be a better place if there were more sales people who imitated her understated style.